Link of the Week: Earth’s CO2 Home Page

Posted on Dec 29, 2015 in Featured, slider

CO2.Earth makes it easy for you and other people around the world to track key planetary changes as they happen.  Visit CO2.Earth at your convenience to get the latest readings for atmospheric CO2, global temperature, global emissions, and pH in seawater.

This citizen-launched website saves you and other interested citizens from needing to figure out where on the internet to find source data and information that provides a current and holistic picture of what is happening to the planet we inhabit.  It brings it all together in formats that people can use whether they know a little or a lot about global earth system change.  The site is a kind of global online learning place where non-specialists can discover and explore some of the best sources of knowledge about our planet.

Ultimatley, CO2.Earth is a ‘track and learn’ website with a purpose.  That purpose i
s to empower the global public to connect with changes at the planetary level and learn enough to discover for themselves what is needed to stabilize the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere–and other parts of the interconnected earth system along with it. CO2.Earth is about citizens engaging with the planet that brought our species into the cosmos.

This project is starting small with large aims and great hope.  The site was pulled together quickly and launched with some pieces unfinished or unpolished.  Some errors are inevitable.  Corrections, suggestions and offers to assist are welcome.



Climate Science Discoveries: 1966 – 2012 Source Image SKS CC3.0